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16 September 2018
Added Video Security System guide
Added Network UPS Tools (NUT) guide

8 February 2018
Added local stratum-1 NTP time server guide

28 January 2018
Added Cisco SG300 configuration guide

11 December 2017
Fixed typos and image inconsistencies in pfSense baseline guide

17 November 2017
Updated Unifi configuration guide
Updated WPAD/PAC configuration guide

2 November 2017
Added Ubiquiti Unifi configuration guide

5 September 2017
Updated multi-VPN guide for pfSense 2.4

2 September 2017
Added pfSense 2.4 based WPAD/PAC configuration guide

27 August 2017
Added pfSense 2.4 configuration guide

2 February 2017
Transitioned image generation from Gliffy to

January 2017
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Added non-tracking social sharing icons
Improved image display with captions
Improved layout and added search to navigation header
Changed search engine from Google to DuckDuckGo
Added rouge syntax highlighting to code blocks
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